OSA Sleep Marketing

As a Sleep Dentist, you may think that you are getting all of the sleep apnea patients who hate their CPAP machines that are available to you. However, our OSA marketing program has a proven track record of producing sleep patients our clients never knew were out there.

Our results over the last three years shows that the vast majority of non-compliant CPAP users are totally unaware of the availability of a dental device to treat sleep apnea. Why haven’t their doctors told them? Because most of them never report to their doctor that they are having issues.

So, how do you get those patients in the door? We use social media to go around the prospect’s advertising filter. Our ads are written so that readers share them with all of their friends plus their spouses.

We also offer a piece that you can mail to your patients as well as a poster for your office.

To inquire further, call Mark Curtis @ 320 363-0210.

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Love It/Hate It Brochure

Perfect for the reception area coffee table, as a mailer or a community health fair handout.

50 Customized Booklets $569

100 Customized Booklets $729

250 Customized Booklets $839



Lobby Poster

Attract interest and stimulate conversation.

16″ x 20″ ($69 each)

20″ x 30″ ($89 each)


Facebook Marketing

Compelling. Encouraging. Interesting.

Our ads draw the reader’s attention and compel them to read more. Click rates are exceptionally high which explains our exceptional results.