Marketing Tools

Comprehensive Marketing Package

Custom Ads

Custom Ads

Compelling. Encouraging. Interesting.

Our ads draw the reader’s attention and compel them to read more. Click rates are exceptionally high which explains our exceptional results.

Landing Website

Custom Website Squeeze Page

When a sleep apnea patient clicks on the ad, they are taken to a website landing page that is designed with one goal in mind; to encourage the visitor to take action rather than just visit and leave.

Landing Website

Special Relationship Building Emails

When a sleep apnea patient fills out the “Request for Appointment” form, they are automatically sent an email that begins a comforting, helpful relationship with the new patient. After that, a series of emails continues to go out to the person until you make contact, make an appointment and turn off their email feed.

Re-Marketing Ads

Special Re-Marketing Ads

We use Google’s revolutionary re-marketing program. What is re-marketing? Have you ever visited a website to research a product or service and then left the website because you weren’t ready to commit to purchasing or making an appointment? As you visited other websites, ads for that product/service appeared on those other websites. “Annoying” you say? Possibly, but the conversion statistics are impressive. We set up the same kind of ads for oral appliances from your dental practice.